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Media and Public Speaking Coaching for Athletes and Professionals


We Help Turn Sports Stars into Media Pros

As an athlete and sports professional, you are your own brand. This means that during public appearances and media coverage, all eyes are on you. Our 1:1 media coaching for athletes and group seminars are specifically tailored for the rigors of juggling both the expectations of the media and sports fans. Our specialized program allows our clients to evolve into a confident and effective communicator. 


What makes Olympus Media Group special is our people. Our founders and media coaches include former pro-athletes and current sports media members, which gives them a unique perspective of the day-to-day responsibilities of being an athlete. 


  50+ years of TV and radio experience

  20+ years of playing in the NFL

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Our Services


1:1 Media Coaching

Our team of experienced media coaches have designed a curriculum that teaches the basics of public speaking and media interactions, how to present yourself confidently in front of microphones and cameras, and the benefits of building a relationship with the media. Our 1:1 coaching format allows for a targeted approach in developing our clients’ strengths, improving on weaknesses, and educating on the benefits of building their personal brand.


Group Seminars

At group seminars, our coaches educate all sports professionals about the importance of a unified representation of the team and sports organization in the media. No matter what one’s role is on a team, every member must be prepared to comfortably face cameras and microphones on a daily basis. The seminars cover the basics of media etiquette, the fundamentals of public speaking, how to ensure a successful interview and what one can do to improve and maintain their public image.


Corporate Media Training

The role of business in sports is as important as the performance side of athletics. Our team strives to ensure our clients are fully equipped and comfortable in a corporate setting: from presentations and public speaking events, to attending panels, meetings, pitches, and more – we give you the tools you need to tackle the business world with confidence.

Olympus is at the forefront of elevating our clients' careers through media training

Media confidence is key to a long-lasting career on and off the field. At Olympus Media Group, we strive to become an integral part of our clients’ support team and to ensure they are equipped to handle the ongoing demands of media interactions.

We are passionate about providing media training for athletes as an essential tool not just during their playing careers but for their lives after retirement, as well. Performing well in front of the cameras translates to limitless opportunities in sports media, business and entertainment.

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Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again.

Bob Feller

Our Team

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Dan Schwartzman

President and Founder

During his 20 years of sports broadcasting experience, Dan has hosted talk shows in New York City and Philadelphia while also excelling at the national level on NBC Sports Radio. He has coached media personalities helping them get to the next level.

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Frank Raffaele

CEO and Co-Founder

Yale educated serial entrepreneur, Frank has founded numerous successful brands that have combined philanthropy with sound economic models, and has extensive experience in the capital markets. He is an award-winning advocate for numerous social causes and a passionate spokesperson for companies doing well by doing good.


Meredith Marakovits


5X Emmy Award winning YES Network  reporter/ host covering the NY Yankees since 2012, with over 15 years of broadcasting experience. Starting 2022, Meredith began working as a Field level reporter for TBS MLB Tuesday broadcasts.


Rodney Harrison


One of the premier Safeties in the history of the NFL. Rodney was a 3X All-Pro, 2X Super Bowl Champion, 15-year NFL Veteran and current analyst on NBC’s Football Night in America. He is a member of both the San Diego Chargers and New England Patriots 50th Anniversary Teams, as well as a member of the Patriots Hall of Fame.


Ryan Leaf


Former 2nd overall draft pick of the San Diego Chargers as a top NFL Quarterback prospect, after an All-American career at Washington State University. Currently, Ryan is a successful sports media football analyst and public speaker who aims to inspire young athletes.

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